Title Estimation of the electrostatic charge of individual blowing-snow
Author Omiya, S.; Sato, A.; Kosugi, K.; Mochizuki, S.
Author Affil Omiya, S., Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Environmental Science, Sapporo, Japan. Other: Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Japan
Source Annals of Glaciology, 52(58), p.148- 152, . Publisher: International Glaciological Society, Cambridge, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0260-3055
Publication Date 2011
Notes In English. 13 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 310199
Index Terms blowing snow; electrical properties; experimentation; humidity; ice; ions; particles; particle size distribution; snow; snow cover; temperature; wind tunnels; electrostatic charge; experimental studies; motions; natural hazards; size; size distribution; trajectories; transport
Abstract There are some reports on the measurement of the charge-to-mass ratio of blowing-snow particles, but there are few studies concerned with individual snow- particle charge. We measured the charge-to- mass ratios using snow particles selected according to size, and discussed individual charges. Experiments were conducted in a cryogenic wind tunnel. Charge-to-mass ratios measured in our experiment were all negative and their absolute values tended to increase with a decrease in particle diameter. Individual snow-particle charges were calculated from the average of particle diameter distributions. The charges were all approximated by the power function of diameter at each temperature. Assuming that the coefficient of these approximations is a function of air temperature, we could easily predict the individual snow-particle charge.
Publication Type journal article
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