Title Rockfalls on high mountain slopes; the creation and implementation of a GIS data base for Mont Blanc [Crolli in pareti rocciose d'alta quota; creazione ed implementazione di un GIS database per il Monte Bianco]
Author Pau, R.; Chiarle, M.; Giulietto, W.; Mortara, G.; Arattano, M.
Author Affil Pau, R., Istituto di Ricerca per la Protezione Idrogeologica, Turin, Italy. Other: SEA Consulting Engineering Geology, Italy
Source Memorie della Societa Geografica Italiana, 87(2), p.511-522, ; II convegno nazionale A. I. Geo, Turin, Italy, March 28- 30, 2007, V. Agnesi. Publisher: Societa Geografica Italiana, Rome, Italy. ISSN: 0391- 5190
Publication Date 2009
Notes In Italian with English summary. 12 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 308655
Index Terms climate; climatic change; computer applications; degradation; geomorphology; human activity; mass movements (geology); permafrost; slope stability; statistical analysis; Italy; Alps--Mont Blanc; Alps; climate change; data bases; data processing; Europe; geographic information systems; geologic hazards; information systems; mass movements; Mont Blanc; Mount Matterhorn; mountains; natural hazards; relief; rockfalls; Southern Europe; spatial distribution; temporal distribution; Western Alps
Abstract Ongoing climate changes at planetary scale are more and more attracting the attention of public opinion and of decision makers at local, national and international level. An increasing number of studies are thus dedicated at investigating the complex evolution of physical environment in response to climate variations and the consequences on human activities. A recent example is represented by the Interreg project PermaDataRoc that, following the exceptional rock fall activity occurred during the extremely hot and dry summer 2003 (in particular on the Mount Blanc Massif and Matterhorn), aimed at filling the gap about the existing relation between permafrost degradation and high mountain rockwall instability. The project had two main targets: a) creating a GIS-database of rockfall events in the Mount Blanc Massif; b) testing innovative methodologies for monitoring thermal regime and geomorphological activity of high elevation rockwalls. The present paper describes the methodological approach followed in this contest to create a specific GIS-database and for a preliminary analysis of spatial and temporal distribution of instability events. Preliminary results are also illustrated.
Publication Type conference paper or compendium article
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