Title Implications of climate change for economic development in northern Canada; energy, resource, and transportation sectors
Author Prowse, T.D.; Furgal, C.; Chouinard, R.; Melling, H.; Milburn, D.; Smith, S.L.
Author Affil Prowse, T.D., University of Victoria, Department of Geography, Victoria, BC, Canada. Other: Trent University, Canada; Trent University, Canada; Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Canada; Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada; Natural Resources Canada, Canada
Source Climate impacts on northern Canada, edited by T.D. Prowse and C. Furgal. Ambio, 38(5), p.272-281, . Publisher: Springer on behalf of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden. ISSN: 0044- 7447
Publication Date July 2009
Notes In English. 68 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 309893
Index Terms climatic change; economics; ecosystems; human activity; ice roads; Northwest passage; permafrost; fuel transport; environmental protection; regional planning; Canada--Northwest Territories; Canada--Nunavut; Canada; climate change; cryosphere; development; energy sources; land use; mines; natural gas; northern Canada; Northwest Passage; Northwest Territories; Nunavut; petroleum; protection; transport; water resources; Western Canada
Abstract Northern Canada is projected to experience major changes to its climate, which will have major implications for northern economic development. Some of these, such as mining and oil and gas development, have experienced rapid expansion in recent years and are likely to expand further, partly as the result of indirect effects of changing climate. This article reviews how a changing climate will affect several economic sectors including the hydroelectric, oil and gas, and mining industries as well as infrastructure and transportation, both marine and freshwater. Of particular importance to all sectors are projected changes in the cryosphere, which will create both problems and opportunities. Potential adaptation strategies that could be used to minimize the negative impacts created by a climate change are also reviewed.
Publication Type journal article
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