Title Northern Canada in a changing climate; major findings and conclusions
Author Prowse, T.D.; Furgal, C.
Author Affil Prowse, T.D., University of Victoria, Department of Geography, Victoria, BC, Canada. Other: Trent University, Canada; Trent University, Canada
Source Climate impacts on northern Canada, edited by T.D. Prowse and C. Furgal. Ambio, 38(5), p.290-292, . Publisher: Springer on behalf of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden. ISSN: 0044- 7447
Publication Date July 2009
Notes In English. 5 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 309891
Index Terms animals; climatic change; human activity; ice; ocean environments; Arctic region; Canada--Northwest Territories; Canada- -Nunavut; Canada--Yukon Territory; biota; Canada; climate change; food chains; habitat; human ecology; marine environment; northern Canada; Northwest Territories; Nunavut; sea ice; water resources; Western Canada; Yukon Territory
Publication Type journal article
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