Title Sedimentology of aggregate pits between Waterloo and London, southern Ontario; a reconnaissance survey for groundwater applications
Author Russell, H.A.J.; Cummings, D.I.; Sharpe, D.R.; Bajc, A.
Source Open-File Report - Geological Survey of Canada, No.5990, 85p. . Publisher: Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary, AB, Canada
Publication Date 2009
Notes In English. Accessed on Aug. 10, 2011. 51 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 309764
Index Terms aggregates; glacial deposits; glacial geology; glacial rivers; gravel; hummocks; landforms; pits (excavations); Quaternary deposits; sedimentation; sediments; Canada-- Ontario--Cambridge; Canada--Ontario--London; Canada--Ontario--Waterloo; aggregate; Cambridge Ontario; Canada; Catfish Creek Till; Cenozoic; clastic sediments; depositional environment; drumlins; Eastern Canada; fluvial environment; fluvial features; Galt Moraine; glacial environment; glacial features; glacial sedimentation; glaciofluvial environment; hummocky moraines; landform description; London Ontario; moraines; mud; Ontario; outwash plains; Paris Moraine; pits; Quaternary; sand; southern Ontario; Tavistock Till; till; Waterloo Moraine; Waterloo Ontario; Wentworth Till
Abstract Thirty-three aggregate pits between Cambridge and London are documented. The pits are situated in a variety of landforms (moraines, drumlinized uplands, hummocky terrain, outwash plains), geological map units, and stratigraphic positions. Many have not been documented previously. The objective was to capture a snapshot of the general sedimentary character of as many pits as possible in a four day timeframe. For each pit, a point form summary is provided followed by a general description and photographs that document the facies architecture of the deposits. A summary section provides a brief synthesis of the observations and highlights three key hydrogeological points that can be further understood by study of these deposits. Detailed sedimentological observation in this integrated regional framework provides the opportunity to begin a re-assessment of the underlying conceptual geological models for parts of southern Ontario.
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Publication Type monograph
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