Title Analyzing RADARSAT-1 imagery to determine variability and trends in ice cover on shallow lakes near Churchill, Manitoba
Author Svacina, N.A.; Duguay, C.R.
Author Affil Svacina, N.A., University of Waterloo, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, Waterloo, ON, Canada. Other: U. S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
Source Proceedings of the Annual Eastern Snow Conference, Vol.67, p.19, ; 67th annual Eastern snow conference, Hancock, MA, June 8- 10, 2010, edited by R.A. Hellstrom and S. Frankenstein. Publisher: Eastern Snow Conference, [varies], United States. ISSN: 0424-1932. ISBN: 0-920081-32- 0
Publication Date 2010
Notes In English GeoRef Acc. No: 309868
Index Terms climatic change; ice; ice cover; lakes; lake ice; models; forecasting; remote sensing; Canada--Manitoba--Churchill; annual variations; Canada; Churchill Manitoba; climate change; climate effects; imagery; Manitoba; northeastern Manitoba; prediction; RADARSAT; satellite methods; Western Canada
Publication Type conference paper or compendium article
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