Title Sea-ice extent variation along the coast of Hokkaido, Japan; Earth's lowest- latitude occurrence of sea ice and its relation to changing climate
Author Takahashi, S.; Kosugi, T.; Enomoto, H.
Author Affil Takahashi, S., Kitami Institute of Technology, Kitami, Japan
Source Annals of Glaciology, 52(58), p.165- 168, . Publisher: International Glaciological Society, Cambridge, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0260-3055
Publication Date 2011
Notes In English. 6 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 310196
Index Terms climatic change; global change; global warming; ice; mapping; temperature; Japan-- Hokkaido; Okhotsk Sea; Asia; climate change; Far East; Hokkaido; Japan; North Pacific; Northwest Pacific; Pacific Ocean; sea ice; seasonal variations; Shiretoko Peninsula; West Pacific
Abstract The seasonal duration of sea-ice cover in the region immediately north of Hokkaido in the Sea of Okhotsk was estimated from daily sea-ice concentration maps (1995-2009) produced by the Japanese Coast Guard. The results show that this period is generally well represented by the proxy record of sea- ice duration in the region of Utoro in the Shiretoko peninsula. Comparison of the duration of seasonal sea-ice cover along the coast of Hokkaido with meteorological conditions over the period of sea-ice mapping by the Japanese Coast Guard indicates that all sea ice will disappear from the coast of Hokkaido once air temperature is increased by 2-4C over present values by the effects of climate change.
Publication Type journal article
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