Title The Saale Glaciation of eastern England @discussion
Author White, T.; Bridgland, D.; Westaway, R.
Author Affil White, T., University of Cambridge, Department of Zoology, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Other: Durham University, United Kingdom; Open University, United Kingdom
Source Quaternary Newsletter, Vol.123, p.36- 39, . Publisher: Quaternary Research Association, London, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0143-2826
Publication Date Feb. 2011
Notes In English. For reference to original see Straw, A., Quaternary Newsletter, Vol. 123, p. 28-35, 2011. 14 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 310346
Index Terms glaciation; Pleistocene; United Kingdom--England--Cambridgeshire; United Kingdom--England--Lincolnshire; United Kingdom--England--Norfolk; United Kingdom-- England--Trent Valley; Cambridgeshire England; Cenozoic; East Anglia; England; Europe; glacial environment; glacial extent; Great Britain; Lincolnshire England; Norfolk England; paleoenvironment; paleogeography; Quaternary; Saalian; Trent Valley; United Kingdom; upper Pleistocene; Western Europe
Publication Type journal article
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