Title Bioenergetics of microbial sulfur- redox reactions in a glacial environment
Author Wright, K.E.; Grasby, S.E.; Williamson, C.; Spear, J.; Templeton, A.S.
Author Affil Wright, K.E., University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Geological Sciences, Boulder, CO. Other: University of Iceland, Iceland; Geological Survey of Canada, Canada; Colorado School of Mines
Source Applied Geochemistry, 26(Suppl.), p.S323, ; Ninth international symposium on the Geochemistry of the Earth's surface, Boulder, CO, June 3-7, 2011, edited by S.P. Anderson and S.R. Gislason. Publisher: Elsevier, Oxford-New York-Beijing, International. ISSN: 0883- 2927
Publication Date Jun. 2011
Notes In English GeoRef Acc. No: 310333
Index Terms bacteria; chemical composition; geochemical cycles; geochemistry; glacial deposits; glaciers; metals; pollution; sediments; surface waters; Arctic region; Canada; acid mine drainage; anaerobic environment; biochemistry; biogenic processes; Boruo Fiord Pass Glacier; chemical reactions; cycles; DNA; Eh; geochemical cycle; glacial environment; metabolism; microorganisms; pH; pollutants; sulfides; sulfur; sulfur cycle; surface water; water pollution
Abstract The authors are studying microbial sulfur redox metabolisms in a glacial environment. The energy available from sulfur redox reactions at this site has been calculated using geochemical data obtained from the site. DNA has been extracted from the same site and is being analyzed for the presence and relative quantities of sulfur redox genes, to determine whether bioenergetic calculations can predict the sulfur redox reactions that microbes are in fact utilizing.
URL http://hdl.handle.net/10.1016/j.apgeochem.2011.03.076
Publication Type conference paper or compendium article
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